Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Technology Safety

We are definitely living in a world where children are becoming "tech savvy" at an earlier age.  I have heard from many of our students about ipods, ipads, Kindle Fire, nooks, etc... that they have at home.  Technology is such a great tool and it can be used in such a powerful way for children to learn and communicate.  Unfortunately, it can also provide our children with access to information that is not appropriate, and it can provide the public with information about your child that you do not want shared.

It is very important for you to carefully monitor your children's usage of technology.  It is also important to have conversations with your children about how to be safe when they are online.  Mr. Ford and Mr. Sterrett will spend time during tech time teaching students about internet safety as well.  Here is a website that can serve as a good resource for you as you have these conversations with your children:


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Carmen Bergmann

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